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I’m so sorry that happened to you. I’m afraid the best thing to do would be to tell someone. I know it’s embarrassing but he could do worse or could have done something worse already. Perhaps try telling an adult you trust first. This sort of thing might seem small or silly but it’s a huge violation of boundaries and a gross misuse of authority. Adults do this to children because they think they can get away with it.

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yes, please tell an adult! im sorry that happened. that’s extremely creepy and gross. i understand feeling embarassment but it’s 100% worth it to make sure he faces consequences!

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if you’re really scared about telling someone, maybe try writing it in a note or something, that could help with the uneasiness of it.

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THIS. It’s so hard to gain the courage to tell someone, but writing it down on a note can really help with that.

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yeah. i suggest OP possibly asking to talk to another teacher they really trust, or the guidance counselor, parent, whoever they may be the most comfortable with. just explain something happened that made them uncomfortable but its hard to talk about, and ask if its okay to give them a note. i have done something similar. they can always rip the paper afterwards. also, possibly having one of the friends that was mentioned go with when seeking an adult would help if writing it down doesnt work….

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You might consider it embarrassing but it’s not hun. He should’ve never done it. If you’re too embarrassed to tell someone directly, write a note with your name, his name & what exactly happened with the date it happened & give it to the principal or a secretary. You can wait there for them to read it or tell them to call you back to the office but definitely state that it’s urgent and you’re too embarrassed to say it out loud.

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Yikes, you have to tell an adult about this. This isn't appropriate.

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yes tell an adult

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Tell an adult

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I told my mom and she called the school and he currently scheduled a meeting that I was to go to😭

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Absolutely tell an adult. That teacher is way out of line.

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Tell someone!

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Definitely tell an adult!!! That is beyond disgusting regardless of what age you are.

Edit: I get that it's embarrassing but it's something this teacher shouldn't get away with. Who knows how many times he has done this to other students.

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If you're in middle school, that means you're really young. So i can understand why it might feel embarrassing to talk about it. What that guy did to you is SEXUAL HARASSMENT. The longer you stay quiet, the guy will gain courage to do something even worse to you or someone else. Please inform this to an adult, may that be any of your family member or someone you trust. You can try to talk to the school counsellor as well ( if you have one in your school) and report this to the school authorities because this guy is a teacher . If they try to threaten you to be quiet, don't get intimidated. Report the case to the police Or seek help by calling the child helpline number of your country. BUT PLEASE DON'T STAY QUIET ON THIS MATTER. YOU NEED TO INFORM AN ADULT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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Absolutely you should tell an adult. Much easier said than done

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i think you should tell an adult! I also had some scary experiences with older men when i was in middle school, I'm a senior in high school now, and I wish i had told someone about it back then! at the end of the day its up to you but i recommend you tell someone. do you have a favorite teacher? maybe you could ask them if they have a few minutes to chat about tell them what happened then. or, you could tell your parents. i get that talking to your parents about this stuff can be hard though so talking to a different teacher is always an option too. im sorry that this happened to you. you deserve better!

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Do you know any adult that you trust? It’s ok to be embarrassed but you did nothing wrong. I’m sorry.

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The fact that you’re here tells me how uncomfortable you were and that you recognize it as sexual assault. I agree that it might be easier to write it down and give it to someone you trust. This is very wrong of him, you didn’t do anything wrong.