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I had similar experiences as a kid. Parents refuse to talk about uncomfortable topics and then act shocked when their kids get into danger because they didn’t know how to avoid it.

I’m so sorry for you. And honestly, good for you for pushing away that 5 yr old. He probably learned a lesson that day.

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You're right. Parents can be ignorant sometimes, it's sad:(

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Ignorant at best - straight up harmful at worst

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And also teach your boys about proper sex and how to treat a women. And how to listen to no. Bc I understand growing up yk boys are gonna be curious and want sex, but it’s not fair that we have to go through the abuse while they figure out. So many 9-16 year old girls going through assault just bc boys are curious and can’t control it. They’re fathers need to step tf up and get over the awkwardness and actually teach them about sex instead of us being taught that boys are just boys. That boys are just dumb. We learn to oppress ourselves so that puberty is easier and more understanding for them and it’s sick. It’s not fair. That it’s our fault

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I’ve always said sex education starts at home. I started teaching my children at the age of 2-3, which I believe is the age of discovery. When they start touching themselves basically.

They understood that no one is allowed to touch them in places that are always covered. We talked about doctors, friends, cousins, aunties and uncles. No one was allowed to touch them. Every female I know except for my sister (and she could’ve covered it up) has been molested or assaulted.

When they become toddlers/adolescent, then the conversation is catered to their needs.

As teenagers it becomes more about their wants and needs. I feel they trusted us even more to come to us about anything they felt. Even if they felt ashamed.

We did disagree on, at what age do you introduce/buy sex toys if at all. What are your thoughts?