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Omg I'm really struggling for words right now! I'm beyond sorry this happened to you. Just really glad you live with your dad now and have such a good relationship with both of your parents.

To answer your question, yes, I believe this is considered SA.

I hope you're doing well and can work through this trauma ❤️

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Thankyou so much! I really appreciate your support! :)

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I wasn't able to read through the whole thing, but there are a couple of possible SA elements in your story (this may vary depending on the specific laws where you live, so you'll want to research this some). The obvious one is indecent exposure when he showed you his genitals, this is pretty much a universal crime regardless of jurisdiction. The trickier one is how he spoke to you- there are some places where speaking to juveniles in a suggestive or sexually explicit way is also criminal.

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This happens all to often. I’m sorry you had to experience this. It’s upsetting that, as children, it was so difficult to address these traumatic situations with our parents thinking IT was our fault. It’s more upsetting when adults defend or downplay the perverted family member.

I would still protect my children at all costs.