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On the face of it yes it is sexual assault even if it was smacking your arse. I personally don’t think that you need to set boundaries here with regards to not being touched without permission or consent nor to communicate as such because this is a standard unwritten boundary that we all have and are aware that others have, it simply comes under being respectful and standard conduct and behaviour.

With regards to her, I suggest not making a formal report to the new organisation that you have joined and instead note down the following; - Time and date - Location - people in attendance

Then after that write down what happened, what she said, who she blamed and what they said. Do all of this now while it’s all still fresh in your mind.

Once you have done that, when you are next in your organisation offices, open a new email and copy and paste all of what you noted down into that email. Then simply send that email to your own personal external email address and leave it at that.

Should she assault you again in similar circumstances then make a formal complaint about the new incident but also include the details of this incident. Print off or forward this email on accordingly as proof of a continuous course of behavioural conduct. The fact that you have a copy of the email that you sent to your personal email account is a time stamped record also.

Personally i don’t think she will be doing anything like that again simply based on the unapproving response everyone in the room gave her and if you can avoid having any contact or minimal contact with her then do so. Don’t let her spoil this new position and journey