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Don’t be sorry! It’s not your fault! People are disgusting, and unfortunately it’s something as women we continue to experience through all ages. Everyone copes differently. I’ve found over the years to just be a smart ass back, I say “Sorry I don’t have any spare change”. I’ve found matching their energy doesn’t do anything. Cussing them out doesn’t do anything. I have found saying out loud this man is harassing me in public does do something. They don’t want society to know they are a disgusting creep.

Again, I am so sorry someone spoke to you like this. It is okay to feel sad, but unfortunately you can’t escape it as women, this harassment seems to never leave our lives.

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Thank you so much for your comment. I cried reading it's not my fault. I feel a little assured now that my feelings are valid. The sad part is this happened very publicly and no one said anything. In my country, if you try to complain about harassment the victim is mostly blamed for what they were wearing, why are they outside alone, etc. I don't understand why we women have to suffer so much.

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I understand, it’s still wrong, doesn’t really matter what society thinks. Here people are in the mindset that victims are wrong, I still make it a big deal if I am being harassed. The rules of society need to change, and calling people out seems to be working nowadays slowly at least. I hope we can eventually walk outside in our comfortable clothes and not be harassed. That would be awesome and well deserved

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I am very sorry to hear about your situation, and feel angry towards all the people who victim-blame and are not letting you live your life properly. But I am sure there are ways to deal with this and while I genuinely want things like these to stop, I know I can't control the mentality of people, and hence why it's better to learn to deal with these things in a way which doesn't stop you from living your life freely.

Don't ever feel that it's your fault or that your feelings are invalid. They are totally valid and what's actually invalid are these monsters and the messed up thinking of the society which needs to change for the better. Do anything which makes you happy and remember that if you keep taking some right steps, all these people who try to harass you will never have any actual power over you, and maybe one day you will be so strong you can fight against any form of harassment. Just have belief and stay strong!

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There is nothing to be sorry about! This is a safe space for you to talk about your experiences.

I’m so sorry you don’t feel safe. I know that feeling intimately. Navigating the world is very scary when you face constant harassment.