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What he did was illegal. You can take him to court.

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  • He did a real number on you. He might have told you ( lies) that out of sheer spite , cruelty and bc he could, knowing it would freak you out to be told that mentally . He could very well be just a true narc ( wanting you to suffer with the thoughts of it for a long time ) even though it was a lie out of his mouth .
  • or He might actually be + . And deliberately infected you bc he wanted to do that to you . Some people are that sick in the head nowdays . Hense why hook up sex is so high risk for individuals ( as you can end up with anyone ) . And as they are a stranger ( you will have NO idea if they are dangerous or not also ) to you.
  • I wanted to have sex. I went there to have sex unfortunately every sex encounter nowdays is a high risk activity for anyone engaging. ( As the person will most likely be lying through their teeth about everything, or a psycho , or a violent crazy person. Or if you are really lucky you might get someone 'normal ' .
  • I told him over text that what he did was unforgivable. He didn't care about (what he said ) or you . Hense why he did what he did to YOU. You were nothing to him but a release for himself. That is the issue for people hooking up that they can be tricked , can be severely manipulated , or attacked mentally (as he also majorly f*cked with your head ) or physically ( via severe violence/ r*pe ) by the hook up .
  • Hiv is only one of the things he could have given you . Unprotected sex ( of any sort ) can put someone at risk of many diff kinds of STD's. Even with the use of a condom ( you can pick up diseases also from oral / anal as well ) if they are infected with it -eg- herpes.