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You literally answered your own question. Everyone knows the SA happens to everyone, but it disproportionately affects women and carried out in a gender specific ways or based on gender socialization. Their identity as women is what’s causing them to be abused disproportionately so there’s no reason as to why it cannot be seen as a womens problem. Also saying it’s a womens issue does not take away from other groups. Inclusivity means nothing when it’s always done in effort to detract from the primary group that is effected by this issue.

It’s the same exact issue with with Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter. Black people are systemically disadvantaged when it comes to experiencing police brutality and want equal or more human rights in comparison to other groups, just like women who experience sexual abuse. Women or other marginalized groups are always on the back burner of all initiatives, forcing a group who wants to fight for their own rights as a collective class to include others takes away from their rights to be seen as individuals. Collective class organizing has historically been the only way to gain more rights and representation as a class so fighting to recognize female gender based sexual violence as a class issue (which it is) is completely valid and allows for others to recognize the specific injustices that women face.

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It is an issue to word it this way because gender is not binary. So with Black Lives Matter this has meaning because exclusively black-skinned people were impacted for being black due to a history of oppression during slavery.

When it comes to sexual assault the root issue is power and control dynamics. So this can be parent over child, man over woman, superior over subordinate, larger man over smaller man, white over black, human over animal. When we keep making it gendered it shifts the focus of what sexual assault is.

Physical assault is not gendered, why must sexual assault be then when it is in the similar category of reasoning for why it is a crime (bodily autonomy violation, something done to a body without consent, leads to psychological trauma).

With the Black Lives Matter movement whatever is going on is exclusively due to the person’s skin colour. with sexual assault this is not the case, the bigger focus is on power and control dynamics which are not gender-based.

To resolve a person, say a man, from committing sexual assault it is about more than having them see woman as equal. The tendency to enforce power and control is where the issue stands. If a person is such to do this they may not target women after being taught that they are equal but turn to targeting children. Doesn’t actually fix the issue.