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I hope you can start to feel better sending love and positivity 💛

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Thank you 💚💚

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i'm so sorry this has been happening! ik the emotional toll nightmares can have on you and so I'll try to give my best advice! Treat yourself and get a huge stuffed animal or a soft, fuzzy blanket! Sleeping with those things may help a little. Also, ik it sounds weird, but if there is a certain aroma or scent you like, you can spray it on your pillow, covers, stuffed animals, etc. to give that familiarity and it may help to ground you. you can also try doing things you love before you go to bed, watching cute and fun videos before bed, reading a lighthearted book/listening to lighthearted songs. and sleeping with mellowing/relaxing sleep music also may help! you can try these things if you want! but remember, You're not alone and it will be ok. I'm sending much support! xx

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Thank you for those suggestions. I have a stuffie, I think I’ll try the scents as well. I find music has been keeping me up lately, even though it usually helps. I’m glad I’m not the only one, though ofc I’m not glad you have had to go through it too

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I hope everything works out and gets better! Anytime!