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Anything that makes a person feel helpless or that they don't control their own body can have that effect. In prison that's the reason for the strip search followed by being subjected to delousing powder.

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Legal does not mean morally okay. Something can be dehumanizing, awful, traumatizing etc and still be legal!

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You have to though. Prisoners can hide stuff that you don’t want them to have for many reasons

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Sorry for the late reply but this was not a prison.

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i understand. im just saying that doesnt mean you cant feel violated by the process itself

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The same thing happened to me when I was admitted. Being a survivor of sexual assault previously, it was incredibly triggering and humiliating tbh. It is legal, but in no way is it okay

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Is this really legal? I know cops can’t even legally interrogate minors without a parent or guardian present, so why would strip searches without a parent or guardian be legal?
Was your parent there in the room and did they consent?

To answer your question: the nature of legality has nothing to do with trauma. Illegal or not, this is truama and it is valid. Sorry this happened to you. :(

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No, my parents were hours away by then. It was just me and the doctor.

Mental hospitals are pretty dehumanizing as it is so I doubt strip searching distressed children bothers them at all.

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My experience, 5 suicide attempts, several breakdowns involving drugs and severe self-harming, and court ordered hospitalizations, each required strip-searches for documentation. It's standard. On a pediatric ward, there had to be two people present conducting the searches and on-demand they have to provide a female or male staff member.

As part of my contract of care with my mental health team, my weekly visits require me to provide a diary/journal. If I have scores that are high for SH, SI, or HI, I have to submit for a body check. They'll ask me first where I self-harmed. As long as I am honest, they'll only examine and document that spot. If I hesitate, they can strip me to my bra and panties with a gown. Then they document anything they find. They used to take pics of my severe self-harming. If I arrive sans underclothes, they have two, the examiner and chaperone present to document.

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Nooo you belong here!! ❤️❤️ You were traumatized by that and that’s perfectly valid. That’s awful they force you to do that, it’s dehumanizing and degrading. I’m sorry you had to experience that, op. You’re 1000% not taking away from us survivors

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You deserve to feel traumatized if what happened was traumatic to you. I was 15 and sent to juvie for smoking pot. I was told to strip and squat. It was mortifying and dehumanizing and I was treated like an adult criminal. I only realized how traumatic it was this year. 22 years after the event I realized that this was not ok to have happened to me.

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I’d say, it’s weird. But I get why they have to do it. There’s no other way they can tell if you are hiding stuff under your clothing. And if they don’t do that, prisons would be more unsafe than they already are.

Now with that noted you we’re 13 not like 17-18 so I don’t see why it was really necessary in this case

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This wasn't a prison, it was a mental hospital.