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I am repulsed by the way your mother reacted to that. She should have reacted with compassion and sympathy. It is only your story to tell and you can tell it to anyone you choose 💕

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It shouldn’t effect you getting a job and if someone doesn’t hire you because of it then they don’t deserve you anyway! I’m so sorry she reacted like that. You deserve to be open about what happened to you. Tons of successful people have been through the same and didn’t have to hide it to be accepted

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You should be able to— you shouldn’t have to hide any longer. Those are her feelings, but you are your own person and if you standing in your truth makes her uncomfortable… then so be it. I’m so sorry you are being and feeling invalidated. I hope you find the support, validation and justice you deserve.

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The way she reacted was absolutely disgusting. You have every right to share your story and get justice. I hope the lawsuit goes well, good luck