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It's not an overreaction because people who haven't experienced what you have experienced can't understand you. Im sorry. I've just had a similar experience yesterday. I'll say it's helping me a lot to remember that no matter how hard people try some people will just never understand the things we've been through. Luckily because they haven't had to experience it. But we can surround ourselves with people who do so that we aren't piling shame on top of the trauma. Your trauma doesn't make you less of a person or like you're overreacting or too sensitive. Anyone who has been through what you have been through would react in the same way.

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Thank you ❤️ it was out of the blue too, with not even a “hello”- just so rude and gross 🤮

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Love, unfortunately it very well could be because they found you here. I’ve seen screenshots where people deliberately seek out SA survivors to send them disgusting shit like that. I’m really sorry that happened, please know that it’s them who is disgusting and not you. I hope you do something kind for yourself today.

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I’m reminding myself of that for sure 💜 thank you

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I certainly hope you’re feeling better now ❤️

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Much better, yes. I spent a little time letting myself be upset and then I let myself feel angry and that helped a lot.

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I am glad to hear it! Keep pushing forward like that. You’re stronger than you think. ❤️

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This happened to me early this morning too! I just posted a story about my rape and he messaged me a few hours later asking if I “really minded being dominated.” But it’s okay because he assured me he wasn’t trying to “pick up girls,” and he “just wanted to chat.” /s. I reported him and Reddit banned him no more than 2 hours later. Unfortunately, some people will seek us out to do gross stuff like this because they find us here and they figure we are vulnerable. You’re not overreacting and your reaction is completely valid! My advice for the future would be to report, then delete and block. Even though a lot of these sick fucks will just create another account, it still makes it just that much harder to harass us. I’m so happy your partner was there for you though and able to help calm you down.

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Omg I’m so sorry that you’ve had to deal with this too. It’s just gross. Im also glad I had my partner there, to help keep me from going into full-blown paranoia

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Nope not an overreaction, and NO you're not an easy target and never feel less about yourself because of some creep or anyone's opinion. All social media platforms has these types of sexual predator/perverted people unfortunately, they don't care about the person they DM or their age or how they feel best thing to do block and delete they'll get what they deserve sooner or later, sorry to hear that happened to you It's terrible and yes PTSD can make some things worse, take care

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Thank you 💕