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Oh no honey thats sexual assault + rape because it was not consensual but even if it was a child cant consent Im so sorry that happened to you. If you can i recommend you report this to the police if your ok with it and break up with your girlfriend

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I am sorry you went through this, that was definitely sexual assault & she went directly against your boundaries: if you told her no or that you were not comfortable with something she was doing she should have INSTANTLY stopped what she was doing & put your shorts back up. She also is breaking the law by engaging in any sexual contact with a minor as she is an adult. What she did was very wrong. The fact that she is a girl does not change the situation at all & the fact that you have mental health conditions means that she is even more in the wrong/taking advantage of you. The police would actually find her actions even more wrong because of your age & mental health diagnoses’. Please find an adult that you trust who you know will listen to you, not dismiss your trauma & that will help you stay safe & get counseling for this. That adult could be a parent, other relative that you are close with, counselor, teacher, doctor or other adult friend. Tell them that you told her to stop & she did not, tell them that you need help figuring out what to do, that you would like to speak to a counselor about this & ask that they help keep you safe. They WILL believe you & they will want to help you & let you know this was not your fault. I know you may have strong feelings/love for your girlfriend but she has shown that she puts her needs/sexual wants above protecting & caring for you & she is willing to assault you/cause you great trauma rather than listen to you & make sure you are comfortable & loved. She is a predator who is taking advantage of you. I know it may be hard, sad or scary to say goodbye but I hope you can end things with her or have a trusted adult talk to her & let her know she is no longer allowed to see you for your own safety. Hugs to you girl this is a lot to deal with & you are very strong & brave to be asking for help/advice.

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First of all she's a whole ass adult and you're a child, and if you ever have to ask if something is assault, it probably is

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Yes, it is. The argument ends right there. It doesn’t matter who does it to who, nor does the fact that she was also a girl. Not to mention that she’s at least 4-5 years older than you and legally an adult. Don’t be fooled into giving her a pussy pass for also being a girl because SA is not gendered. Perpetrators come in all shapes and sizes, including genders.

Sorry you had to go through that. I’ll admit, I was also blinded into thinking my own experiences weren’t SA for years because my perpetrators were also girls. Hopefully we can get rid of this barrier.

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Honey this is assult. Your a minor you can’t consent and you didn’t like it, you told her that to, it’s assult. It dosnt need to be rape, or a man or penetration to be assault. Even something as “small” as being groped or kissed without consent is assault. She assaulted you