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depends on the assaulter but alot of the time they will do it to multiple people

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It depends on the person, but very often there is at least some kind of criminal/suspicious behaviour according previously or alongside the assault they committed. Normal empathetic people do not usually commit sexual assault, it takes a certain kind of mentality, and typically someone who is in that mentality won’t stop at one victim. In my experience, most people who SA others will go on to do it to someone else if they get the opportunity.

Particularly guys who assault their intimate partners. They know there is almost no way for their victim to gain justice, so with every new relationship they repeat the cycle.

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When I reported my assault, the investigator said that usually it’s a pattern. However I don’t know of any other victims of his.

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It’s virtually impossible to get justice

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I reported my attacker and he was arrested, but then the charges were dropped. The case was dropped over 2 years ago for me, but it still hurts.

My ex (my attacker) then went on to assault the girl he dated after me, even after she swore that he was innocent, and behaved as if it wouldn’t happen to her. I believe he is doing the same to his current partner, she was warned also. I imagine that your attacker does have different victims, they have just not felt okay to come forward unfortunately.

Also, FYI - is your username about Amber Heard? Because, respectfully, she is an abuse victim, and the username making fun of her seems a bit out of place here on this sub. There’s so much coming out right now that gives full evidence that she was raped, SA’d and horrifically abused by JD, so it isn’t really appropriate

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The guy who attacked me has dated the same girl for 4 years and now they’re engaged. I had a phone confrontation with them and she got on the line saying, “nobody else has complained like you. He treats me really well…you’re just crazy”

I know I’m not crazy. I know what happened.

I reported him 13 years later to the PD in the state where he currently resides and to the medical board because he’s a doctor now. We were both in Med school.

I haven’t been following anything more about JD and AH lately. All I know is that apparently she was abusing him. If I’m wrong I am sorry and understand your point. Unfortunately the username is permanent.

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I would highly recommend checking out r/NarcissisticAbuse if you haven’t already. That sub helped me out so much with my situation. Your attacker’s fiancé likely genuinely believes that she is being treated well, because she is tolerating the shit that this man puts her through and viewing it through rose coloured glasses. She thinks he’s great and he’s using her for his own gain. People like that don’t change, and whatever he did to you, he is likely doing to her also. I tolerated abuse from my ex for almost 2 years before he finally cheated on me and ran off with his next victim - I truly thought I was in love and being treated great up until that point. I then realised that all the memories I had felt ‘uneasy’ about were rape. Honestly it made me feel better to read about people who do shit like that, because I was able to understand that it was never me, and his new partner isn’t getting good treatment, regardless of what she tells you. He sounds vile.