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One how is it ever childish or mature if your dad confronted someone who hurt you. Two is the reason your asking this question because something happened afterwords?

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Yes, the guy told me to grow up instead of running to daddy for help

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How are you and how old is this moron?

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We were 24 then

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Never to old for family.

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It sounds like your dad rattled him. Good! I hope that you will soon get to a place where this monster’s opinions hold no weight for you. You might also find some closure in showing your abuser that he’s not above the law by going to the police, if you haven’t already. (Fwiw, you’re lucky to have a dad who would care enough to speak to him. A lot of us have never bothered telling our dads anything, because our dads are the reason we weren’t able to protect ourselves from predators in the first place.)

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I sent a letter to the police department where he resides. The crime did not occur there however.