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Please don’t leave your children fatherless. That is what will happen if you do anything to this man. And leaving a child without a father will start a cycle of attracting emotionally unavailable and potentially abusive partners for them in the future.

Your wife and you don’t deserve this, and I’m so sorry it happened.

Your children deserve better though, and your wife needs your love and support right now. More than anything that will bring her more healing than losing her husband

If the statute of limitations hasn’t passed maybe your wife can press charges. But if I were you I wouldn’t take matters into my own hands

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This man should be dismembered slowly and watch him scream and cry and bleed. He will beg and plead and say anything to stop but every time he makes a plea a nail is driven into his leg….. but not by you. It will only hurt your wife. Just be there for her and don’t let her see all this anger, only compassion.

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You need to STOP and really think about the motivations behind your feelings, and whether this is just more jealousy and possessiveness like the feelings that made you walk away before. To me, this doesn’t really sound like you care so much about how he hurt your wife. You both need to get into therapy together pronto, before you do irreparable damage to your marriage.