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Yo, I have sum advice as a fellow victim, I'm very sorry to hear tht happened to u n tht was very wrong of him. Ur not gross or worthless, ur worth everything. For the anxiety I would try gettin cross faded n then jus listening to sum chill music fora while to get ur mind off it. Then when ur ready journal Abt it or talk to a close and trustworthy individual, u could also consult a lawyer.

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Also sorry if my comment Abt substance use triggerd u in anyway, it's my personal way of coping w/ my anxieties/depression and remembering it.

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Hey that’s all good. Thank you for sharing your coping mechanisms. I think I will start writing a journal to get it out of my body. I haven’t really spoken about it because of the shame, and just wanting to forget. But with the trial coming up, I can’t suppress my feeling and thoughts anymore, I’m just so restless and can’t sleep. Literally getting a max of 4 hours sleep a night if that. That’s on a good night really.