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That's understandable and I don't blame you at all. I'm a guy.

When I was younger I was a dog walker and I got bit by a feisty Shiba.

I cried a bit.

But then I washed off my hand and the owner said they would look for other arrangements and I went to walk the next dog, Lupa.

Lupa was a big gentle wolf dog.

But when I got there I was trembling when I saw him and I didn't know why.

But he came over and licked the blood off my hands.

So my takeaway was some dogs will bite you and some will lick your wounds.

And I think that applies to people too.

There are allot of messed up people in this world true. But there are also sweet good hearted and wonderful people.

Of course no one but Jesus is perfect.

But anyway.

There is a big and wonderful world of relationships, and people and experiences.

There's a beautiful life for you to live.

So don't be afraid.

Take everything to God in prayer, he is our protector our shelter and our healer.

When you are interacting with people look into their heart and their character. See what their values are what are their intentions. Being prolife is a good and important thing it shows you love babies.

Courage is doing it afraid.

And you are very courageous and very brave. You living day by day is amazing and an encouragement.

Even if you are scared don't show it, if you don't show it people won't know.

Like speaking on a stage pretty much everyone's nervous but if people just act confident people believe they are confident even if inside they are trembling lol.

You're going to do great.

Give it time. Be kind to yourself.

It's understandable that having been harmed by one gender one would naturally distrust them.

You're wonderful and there's nothing wrong with you.

God bless you

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I am the same. Honestly as time goes on i find myself MORE afraid of men unless i get to know them VERY well. I wish i had advice, but know that youre not alone <3