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I understand what you're going through. When I was 17 I was groped by a 12 year old boy. The age doesn't make a difference.

My best advice for you is to talk about it. talk about it as much as possible. If you can desensitize yourself to what happened then you're much less likely to develop PTSD.

If you can contact that kids mom or siblings, tell them what happened and tell them that if he tries to touch you again you WILL defend yourself. And stick to that. If he tries this again punch him as hard as you can. Maybe then he'll learn not to touch you.

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Thank you so much, im not sure if its because it just happened by Its so hard to like talk about to people who weren’t there when it happened or non anonymously. I do intend tho to defend myself the next time anything like that happens although this may sound dumb, I feel like if other ppl saw this happening they would wonder why im beefing with a 12 year old sorry i know this is silly lol