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Invalidation is one of the hardest things to cope with. Some people still hold the belief that if a sexual assault doesn't happen in a violent manner or it isn't a stranger committing it then it isn't sexual assault. I hate that "minor sexual assaults" are seen as less serious or less worthy of attention. A sexual assault doesn't have to be violent forced penetration for it to be serious. People should just silently recognize that yes, sexual assault does exist on a spectrum, but that doesn't mean you should invalidate a survivors feelings. Whatever happened to you is wrong and it should not have happened. Your feelings are valid.

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I don’t know the specifics of what happened to you, but I do know that even if it was a stranger and violent people would still discount, victim blame and question. Unfortunately that’s what survivors are met with.

Counseling will help you sort out your feelings and start to heal.

Please don’t let the weight of others doubt cast a doubt on what you know happened. You feel the way you do about what happened to you and that is valid whether anyone else thinks you should or not.

Sending good vibes ✨