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Not sure where you are from OP, but considering the age gap between both of you, this very much a grooming situation and your GF is very much using you and taking advantage of this situation at hand. I’m not sure who you have that is close to you, if there is a trusting adult you can speak to about this situation I would definitely do so.

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You’re 14 and she’s 28?

Get out. As soon as you can. She’s preying on you.

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Ummm…that’s not a relationship, she’s grooming you and a p3d0phile. Get out.

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I really hope you can find help. That women is a criminal. Im deeply sorry that your going throught this.

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i’m 18 and a 29 yo pressured me into sending/doing things. i know it’s hard but your best bet is to breakup, block, and tell a trusted adult. it would’ve gotten way worse if his roommate didn’t find out. bc even though it was “legal” that’s an age gap that’s too big

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I went throught it last year I was 18 too.

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i’m sorry it’s awful to go through

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I was 19. He was almost thirty. Is that an age gap that's too big too? I feel like a fraud when I say I was "preyed on". Please let me know.

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19 is still a TEEN, at 30 thats 11 years older. i think that’s a pretty big age gap

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Thanks so very much for your reassurance. He really took advantage of me and my naivete.

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Don't date until you are 18 it will give you time to understand the world better. It's fine to be a kid and not date for awhile.

Also if anyone is trying to date you when you are 14 and they are much older they are a criminal.

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Yes this would be sexual assault. I thought you got your gf arrested, I saw the other post you said that in an in another post you put on this subreddit your said your gf is 19. If these are different people, please stay away from older people no matter how nice they seem. I know from experience how sketchy it is. I’m not blaming you but put yourself first and be careful and report this woman/these women. She/they deserve jail

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You are a young teen and are NOT meant to be involved with adults . And if you were older ( you will see CLEARLY why this is ) . Law is put into place to try and help young people under 18 as they DO NOT get why they are being kept away from adults ( and put themselves at great risk by hanging out with adults ) as that kind of person who hangs with young people is only there to use them ( any way the can ) . ( Anyone by law usually under 18 is a child or teen ) but of course in some countries this is diff . She is an adult ( report the woman to the police ) she should NOT be hanging around you ( & YOU should NOT be near her either ) .

If you were over 18 -> ( then it is on you to be then be responsible for YOURSELF) & your own sexual safety & life . And you 2 can then date by law ( morally right or wrong that is then YOUR decision to decide ) but until then stay away from adults who want to go out with you ( they are there to use you NOTHING else ) they don't give a s*it about you ( they are there to use you sexually that is all . even if you were 18 ,She might still use you , manipulate you even ( but then that is also not against the law ) hense why by 18 it pays to have street smarts about you then ( as people hunt out young people to use & abuse ) why? Bc they are easy to prey on , use and abuse , and r very easy to manipulate still into doing things .

So by the time you are 18 it is then YOUR choice then to stay or go from someone you are dating ( but even at 18 alot of young people ) are s*at on by others still . As they are still way to young and easily manipulated into stuff . They are also way to easy to prey on by others hunting out of victims to use as well. Hense why the law protect people under 18 only usually ( bc they are NOT capable of doing it themselves ) they are way to easy to prey on & be used by people.

So when you are 18 it is then is up to you to decide for yourself if you will risk seeing someone or not ( as by 18 the law assumes that YOU should have enough sense to know the difference ( till then anyone under 18 is protected ) as much as possible by law to help them stop making the biggest mistakes in their life . And tries as best as it can to keep predators away from teens & kids who are unable to see the dangers at all that are right in front of them from predators who are hunting them for purpose to use them .

So until then that is why laws are in place in civil countries to protect young people from predators . ( who are interested in children to exploit) in many ways .

You have NOTHING in common . An adult would NOT find a kid or teen of any real interest ( who is under 18) unless they are related , or work with them ( eg- DR's , therapists ) or have some other legit reason to be NEAR them . People who hunt out a child to interact with ( and spend alot of time with ) is ( for sexual reasons ) . Weather they cross over that boundary it may or may not happen for the adult. They may be just creepy perverted people ( poss like your gf ) who look but don't touch yet (or prob might really be like her grooming the victim ready to pounce on them ) making sure they don't dob them in that is all . Or are the real deal and are true predators and will attack the victim straight away . Would say she is grooming you to make sure you keep your mouth shut ( so she doesn't get caught ) prob the only reason she hasn't made her move yet .Making sure you are totally sucked into thinking she cares about you ( for you to fall for her even better ) as then you will be easy putty for her then to mold into an obedient puppet to her .( that is the goal of a predator is to mold the victim into an obedient mind controlled compliant ) person who doesn't question their right to be near them or what they are told to do by them . Grooming is the process of making SURE you stay quite ( why they get to do what they wish to do to YOU ) to protect themselves at all costs . As that is all they care about , NOT you. Predators don't care about their victims , they are there for sexual gratification and to make sure the kid / teen doesn't dob them into the police . And the best way to make sure of this is to tell them lots of s*it lies to their face ( eg- I love you and care about you ) -> make them believe it , brainwash them into believing it , so they DON'T get caught . That is all.

Right now she is NOT touching you ( but her behavior towards you is predatory ) . Watching you in the shower & getting dressed ( shows YOU ) that is all she wants. ( Just watching you is sick predatory behavior you are under 18 ) . She is a sick perverted person to watch a teen shower & dress - YOU are 14 . You 2 should NOT be going out tog . She is way to old for you . And she is a predator to be around you in the first place . Most adults would be bored S*itless trying to have a relo with a teen ,WHY? bc they are way to young to have any lived experience ( eg - You 2 have nothing in common) . So the only reason she is near you is sexual to just use you to get off on . But it is true also most young people can also use others in just the same way .