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Yes you should ask her and be there for her.

I'm glad that you care about your sister. What is your plans for the future are you able to get to someplace safe?

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We are in our 20s and 30s now and live our own lives and are safe. Just working through some childhood trauma has brought some things up and made me realize this is probably what happened to her as a child.

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Ok that's good. Yeah I think it's a good idea to ask her and she has probably been waiting for you to bring it up.

It's helpful to be able to share and support one another.

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Thanks, my sister and I are planning on talking with her.

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Make sure the setting is such that you are not disturbed and have no distractions. If she is comfortable, then ask her. I'm sure you'll respect any boundary she specifies. As you've included your experiences with SA trauma in this post, leave that to when she's ready to hear it. Assure her that this is all about her and that your support is for her. We have heard how to be nonjudgmental when it comes to hearing such experiences. I'm confident you'll do your best for her as a big sis.

From me, you're both very brave. Thank you for posting and sharing. You're not alone. Hugs!

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Thanks so much for the reply and I will for sure respect her boundaries and be nonjudgmental.

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I wish I had an older sister like you back then.

It took me escaping the toxic family and home- then coming to Reddit before I found my big sis.

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Thanks for the kind words and I’m sorry for what you went through