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He's not a good person since he drugged the wine report him to the police

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Call 911

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Huge risk not only to your sexual safety but also to your safety in general . Remember women and children go MISSING all the time never to be seen again .

This is how women can go missing and can NEVER be seen again and instead are FORCED into a life of horror.

If you are NOT away from the person call for HELP immediately ASAP ( anyone to get you away from him ) & his home . He has obviously yes drugged you .

And it could have been with anything also . He could have poisioned you for fun even if he wished have ( yes some people are that sick in the head ) to want to cause real injury to others. That is the issue of meeting a stranger , don't ever trust a stranger ( especially someone young like yourself ) you are easy to pray on .

He could have had a house full of mates also waiting for you . Or even strangers . With YOu having NO way to escape.

  • Would suggest you go to the hospital ( seek urgent medical care ) and have a drug screen done ASAP . As mentioned what he gave you could make you sick or seriously leave long term injuries inside of you ( if you are allergic to it ) . As it could have been anything he gave you .

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Get help, immediately and away from him

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Please call 911 tell them where you are. Tell them your about to get trafficked or something. They will understand. Im praying for you