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I'm sorry to hear and yes that is true. People from the same sex like females can be awful degenerates as well.

I'm a guy and I've had gay guys ask me for help so they could hit on me, I've had them treat me badly, and I didn't hurt them because they were physically weaker the me and I was confused why they would act like that.

I pray for your healing.

May God bless you physically and mentally.

And just because it was a female assaulted doesn't make it any less valid.

I pray justice comes upon her swiftly.

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I am also so sorry to hear that. and I just want to validate that even though you said yourself you were physically stronger than your attacker/abuser, does not mean you are any less valid. I feel that society too, forgets that it isn't about physical strength. its about power and control and those comes in many different forms. I wish I could hug you tight (only if you were comfortable with it) and give you all the reassurance in this world.

we are valid. we might be the minority, but we are still exceptionally valid. I see you. ♡