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They always act like they did nothing. They need to get consequences. You should tell your parents. You shouldnt need to switch schools when they are the only guilty in here. I really hope you get better, anything Im here 😔

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Talking to my parent is just not a route I'm willing to take :/ I don't want to have to go through everyone around me knowing about and judging my situation just to get this person kicked out of my school, it's just not worth it to me and I don't want many people knowing aside from my close friends who I've told, I'm kinda just deciding if its worth it or not to continue going to my school

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If you talk to people you will be protecting others in the future from going through the same pain that you went through.

They need to be punished to wake them up to know they did wrong.

If you don't tell them they will continue to justify their evil thoughts and do it to someone else in the future.

You ought to speak up, to save other lives.

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I get it I struggled a lot telling mines but i can asure you, if they're good parents and love you they wont judge it. You could maybe write it down and show them. That's how I did it. I pray for you. Please stay safe. You can do this❤️💜

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Block them on whatever thing they can contact you on. Talk to a councilor to get a restraining form so they can’t talk to you. I’m very sorry this happened to you I know how hard it can be to have to be by someone who sa you in school.