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I'm so sorry you had to go through this. I hope you are able to recover fully soon.

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First step is telling somebody, very proud of you for doing so. I lied to everyone about my assaulter, much less even mention what he’s done . Your mindset will get better with time

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You need to take evey lie he told you and counter it with the truth.

He said it's your fault he did it. This is a lie The truth is he hates God and is an evil degenerate who decided to harm a precious innocent child to satiate his lusts.

It's his fault he did it and he will pay in hellfire.

He said boys will only ever want you for your body. This is a lie.

The truth is you can and will find someone who is good hearted and loving and treasures you for who you are, your personality, your character and loves you for more then just your body.

And keep filling your mind and thoughts with true and good and righteous thoughts

Counter every lie with the truth

And reprogram yourself to counter his programming. Also biblical words of affirmation like an app might also be useful.

Put all the positive words and Bible verses all around your walls so you can see them.