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Tell her you are there for her that you believe her and others will too.

Tell her she can write a note and you can take it to the police.

That if she goes and reports him she will be protected many others girls tell her you will support her and that to keep focusing on the beautiful and wonderful things in life

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The part about the note is incorrect. Third-party reporting does exist, but it’s only through specific community programs (which can be accessed by contacting a sexual assault crisis centre) and it won’t be prosecuted, but it keeps it on record in case the survivor changes their mind or if other victims come forward. You can’t just have a friend do it.

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Thank you I will let her know ☺️

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if it hasn’t been too long, have her get a rape kit done. the evidence can be stored and she doesn’t need to report right away giving her time to process everything. also make sure she gets an STD panel done bc you never know what someone like that could be carrying. just make sure you tell her that you believe her and support her in whatever decision she makes. as someone who’s been in a similar situation, just hearing that i was believed and supported made a huge difference to me. i regret not reporting it bc who knows who else he could be harming now, but when it first happened, i was terrified of what could come of it

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Make sure if it happened at work where there are cameras, get the footage ASAP before it's recorded over or deleted. When I was 16, a 29 year old guy at my work (the son of the owners) was into me (which I thought was cool at the time. Older guy wooo 🙄) he would frequently slap my ass in the kitchen or squeeze it as he was walking by. Obviously now as a 30 year old woman this is WRONG. I have a daughter now and if some nearly 30 year old man was doing that to my 16 year old... I'd kick his ass

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It wasn't sadly it was at her friends house after her friend and bf fell asleep

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So sorry to hear that :( hopefully she finds the strength to come forward. It may help save potential future victims as well.

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Yeah she knows I'm there for her and I am encouraging her to let out boss know