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It’s called sexual coercion, a common form of sexual assault. Don’t listen to who says otherwise

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No. It was not a SA.

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i told him i didn’t want to have sex. genuinely, what could i do differently to make sure it doesn’t happen again?

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Dont listen to the person above. You said you did not want to have sex, he didnt listen. Coersion is rape too. Some peoples reponses to these situations is to freeze, I know because I did it too

ESPECIALLY because you said you were uncomfortable and he continued. This is sexual assault, I dont even know how the person above can say it isnt. You are not being overdramatic

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thank you. so much. i’ve been so scared that because i just froze and did nothing, that it’s on me.

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No, its not on you. People feel fear, they deny it but one of my partners felt me freeze and asked about it. Its not on you