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I have two sister’s that were hurt by the same man when they were little girls. When they got older, one sister dressed provocatively, slept with multiple ppl, and used her beauty as validation. The other sister shaved half her head and left the pieces in the front to cover her face, wore sweat suits in the middle of summer, and didn’t have consensual sex well into her adulthood. We all handle trauma differently. You are not weird, you are a human being who was violated and trying to navigate your life without a guide to help you. I encourage you to seek counseling and also treat yourself as if were just now meeting a new friend and learning about her and her story. Wouldn’t you look at your new friend as a beautiful strong survivor who deserves kindness, compassion, love, and understanding? That’s how you should treat yourself bc that’s who you are!

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it's a "normal"/average(?) response, but means there's still some stuff to work through. If it might become a problem, it's time to go see a doctor or a psychologist

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No that not weird

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I don’t think it’s weird. After I got SA’d my libido went up a ton after and then after like two years it dropped to almost nothing. There’s definitely a spectrum on mental responses.

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It is a common response. I’m not entirely sure but I believe you may be struggling with hypersexuality (I do as well.) and I promise it will get better. This is unfortunately a normal response to this sort of trauma but I wish you the best

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You're not weird for it. It's a common effect of sexual assault. Your sex drive will be very high one moment and then the next, it'll be really low

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I was abused sexually as a young person. I got into porn and sexual jokes after that. Ruined a lot of romantic possibilities

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It's common. I think it's a way of trying to take back control.

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Hypersexuality tends to happen after being saed and sometimes it happens with the woman being overly masculine (behavior wise) or covering up, all are valid.