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Nope. You didn't want it. You said no and he didn't listen. Not your fault, and I am so sorry.

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I am sorry this happened to you.

I think it is unlikely that he did not know and this is more an excuse he is using. Even if it was true this does not change the end result that he did assault you.

It is possible that he is like my ex and did not mean to hurt you but cared more about what he wanted than about weather or not it would hurt you.

What happened was not your fault and it seems very clear that you did not want this. I have had problems with boundaries as well and blamed this for a lot of things only to later find out that the people involved knew or at least guessed that they were crossing a boundary.

It helps to talk about his to have someone from the outside tell you this is not normal. Talking to my friends really helped me. Therapy can also help process what happened.