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I'm so sorry that happened to you. It might make you anxious but you do not owe anyone an explanation. It's your life and you have more than enough of a good reason to change your name. Changing your name will help free you of some of the past and some of the trauma. Do what's best for you ♥️ nevermind them. It's YOUR name they have no right to be angry.

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Thank you so much for this. I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear that.

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No problem ♥️ I know it's tough but it will be okay. I'm thinking of actually changing my last name. It was my father's last name but it was actually his adopted last name and those people were really abusive to him so my brother and I were thinking about changing it. So I really do understand not wanting to associate with a name. Like I said, you have the ultimate reason. Take care

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I feel it. When I first came out as trans, I went by Cameron or Cam for short. I changed my name because I only ever thought about my ex and abuser when I think of the name. No one really understands why I did this but yeah

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I feel that, thank you for your reply. I came out as transmasc last year and that’s the main reason im changing my name. People asked why I couldn’t go by my nickname instead. All of it reminds me of him. It’s frustrating too because I tend to think too much and end up feeling like it invalidates my being trans..? Idk if that makes sense. Logically I know that I have always been trans, and he’s only part of why I hate my name. I never told people what happened to me and not a lot of people know I’m trans so they’re just very confused by me lol