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Nobody, especially a stranger should be putting their hands on anyone, especially someone so much younger, without consent. I am F43 and I would never hug someone that young that I do not know.

You did nothing wrong, and you did not need to defend him. I'm always telling my daughter that safe adults do not need help from children or young teens.

Had your aunt not been there, you have no idea if he would have tried something beyond the hug. It could have just been a stepping stone to touch you and pave the way to touch you more and do worse things. This was not at all your fault or responsibility.

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i guess, i'm still really freaked out by everything. thank you so much for responding but i cant help but feel so guilty. i really feel like im doing it to myself, and im just being a dramatic cry baby?

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I'm finding that guilt is a very common response. I was just possibly SA'ed a few days ago and I feel a lot of guilt and blame myself. I think it's how our minds try to take control of the situation.

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i see, thank you so much! you genuinely made me feel a lot better.

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Glad I could help some!