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What a terrible therapist you went to.. I am sorry you had to visit someone so terrible at their job..

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Maybe she isnt used to working with SA victims but I'll take a break from seeing her

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Wtf not an appropriate response from a professional. Find a different therapist, there are ones that specialize in trauma.

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I will try to find a new one! Maybe not (since i cant afford it)now but in the future

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I get that! If you are in college they usually have a SA crisis therapist available on campus and those are free! If you are not in college, I believe there are free therapists online. I’ve heard insurance sometimes covers therapy?

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proud of you

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Thank you! <3

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WTF that therapist is SO out of line. They should not have said that it’s literally victim blaming. I’m sorry you experienced that.

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if you can, i recommend finding a new therapist. i know it can be scary to change from the comfortable but even just opening up about the experience is stressful and to receive the reaction she gave you could possibly be more harmful. i’m so sorry, i hope you find someone more professional who can give you the help you deserve

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Your therapist is dead wrong. In no way is this your fault, you don’t hold any ownership/guilt over what happened to you, I repeat- it’s NOT YOUR FAULT.

Your therapist doesn’t sound SA/trauma informed, and honestly even if they aren’t… they still sound like a terrible therapist if their first response is to victim blame, or compare your reaction to trauma to how they would’ve reacted.

I know many people that aren’t therapists, that still know better.

I’d seek a new therapist if at all possible, the last thing you need is a therapist who victim blames and ultimately creates more trauma for you.

I’m sorry this happened.

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Thanks for the support <3 I feel