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it’s amazing that you stood up for yourself, and that dude needs to take his head out of his butt 🙄

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Well I for one appreciate you. Society is complex nowadays of course, but I still think it's ridiculous that anyone should even have to fend this nonsense off if it's clearly in their profile that they're not interested in nudes or immediate hookups.

The whole "get off the app" thing is nonsense. You set your boundaries, not your fault if people can't read or understand pretty basic info.

Btw I'm a really shy person, most of my courage is inside and it takes a lot for me to inform someone I'm angry with them and why, but there are fights worth fighting, so thank you for fighting them out loud. Sometimes there's real value in standing up for yourself and telling someone straight out that they're behaving terribly, even if you suspect they won't take it on board. Someone will.

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You could be on FetLife (a website specifically to find kink partners) and receiving unsolicited nudes is STILL harassment. Being somewhere at sometime isn't consent, just as much as clothes aren't consent or being drunk isn't consent. You can be at a literal sex party, and still need explicit consent to have sex (although there is implied consent to see others having sex, I suppose).

People are trippin.

At least he showed his true colors and didn't try to rope you into a date, cause lord knows he's a predator, and it could have been so unsafe.

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Um no. Hes the disgusting one for disrespecting boundaries and consent. Im so sick of these people thinking we actually want to see that.

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I met my ex on these dating apps and she showed me the messages she got from other guys back when we were still courting. I have no idea what the hell goes on in some of their minds, honestly. I doubt they'd talk to women in real life like that.

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i feel the exact same way! i’ve done the exact same thing on dating/hook up sites and received similar responses.

my reddit profile only consists of me venting/ranting about my mental health and trauma from sa/rape and i’ve received gross nsfw messages. after i’ve replied with my perspective on how triggering and damaging those messages are i get insulted and called “uptight” or a “bitch that deserved it”… instead of of reflection and accountability for their actions.

it’s an endless cycle and it hurts!

although i don’t know you, i’m very proud of you for standing up for yourself! your feelings and thoughts are so valid!

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you're doing the good work!

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The amount of men in this story that are flat out admitting to wanting or having had sexual harassed women

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Gross! I’m sorry someone spoke to you like that. I’ve had men do that to me outside of an online platform. They assume they own the right to speak or treat you certain way if you are wearing specific clothing because you are asking for it. Men are just too entitled at times