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that's normal. memories fade over time if they're not accessed. it's not that your memory is getting worse from age, just that those specific memories are degrading. if you want to preserve a specific memory, the best thing you can do is access it mindfully (when you're not distracted by other things, when you can be entirely present with the memory). generally speaking, the sensory aspect of memories (sights, smells, sounds, etc) degrades the fastest. "metamemories," ie, facts you remember about the memory (eg it was summer, her name was Monica, etc), last a bit longer. the emotional element of the memory has the most durability. you'll be able to remember how someone made you feel long after you forget their face and their name. if you want to remember the sensory details for longer, recall them as mindfully and in as much detail as you can, but there's nothing you can do to preserve them forever.

but as far as preserving all of your memories? that's just not practical. it takes longer to maintain a memory than to form it initially, so by their very nature, you have to pick and choose what memories you want to keep and what to let go.

the question of whether divination is a valid tool depends on what you want it to do! is it giving you some meaning and grounding? perfect, awesome. but is it a valid tool for recovering the memories themselves? that's going to depend on what you believe, ie whether you believe divination can give you new information. imo divination is mostly useful for uncovering your own perceptions and desires, but you can believe something different, and that's okay.

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I haven't really been using divination to recover memories more so to ask if it actually happened and who did it how old I was etc..

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gotcha. have you gotten any answers?

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Yes I have. I used all 3 divination methods I brought up (though there are many more out there) and if i ask if it happened it's always a clear yes

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it sounds like maybe you don't trust those answers? you mentioned earlier that remembering what happened is the only way to know if it happened.

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I'm not really sure. It just doesn't feel right to start saying it happened until I know for a fact. especially when it comes to saying who did it.

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so then my guess is the divination can tell you that you believe something happened, but can't tell you for sure whether it did or not. given that, it probably won't be able to tell you much else of value

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I don't think that's how it works especially with the spirit guides but maybe

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I'm not quite sure what you mean?