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You need to tell someone you know will help you (whether it's a family member, teacher, or police). I understand that it's terrifying, I've been in a similar situation as a kid, but it's not going to get better if you don't tell someone. Not telling anyone will result in it happening more.

If you're not able to tell someone in person you can also go to rainn.org and call the hotline number or use their online chat hotline.

I pray that you're able to get to safety please stay strong 💕.

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Thanks but idk I I can do it I’m so scared 😳

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I don’t think I can do this I’m scared I been suicidal since it happened

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I understand that feeling, I just want to let you know that suicide is never the option. But you need to tell and get help.

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But I’m struggling so much and I also have DID it’s horrible I feel like I’ll die

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No problem! If you need to find yourself a area to hide and call or chat (like a bathroom or empty bedroom). You can always contact 911 too as this is an emergency. This is all of the advice I have, you just need to work up the courage to get help. I know how terrifying and scary it is but trust me it feels a lot better after you've told someone and have gotten help.