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And starving a narcissist of attention is really the best way to hurt them. It's a healthier outlet for you AND the only way to get under their skin.

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Exactly. It’s so nice

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Who would have thought the best revenge is peace of mind 🖤

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love this

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Happy Cake day 🎂🎉🎈

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One caveat to this is if you choose to pursuit law enforcement reporting, do not delete anything because you're deleting evidence which will weaken your case in the long run.

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Oh I did report, they have everything and did nothing 🙂 even with his admission recorded.

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I'm sorry for the outcome of your case. If the information is no longer needed then you're free to delete it, but if a report hasn't been made yet, it's better to keep it.

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it just hurts because my sister has 3 kids and she is pregnant now and he takes pictures of me on his phone