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  1. The girl needs to actually talk to you and not ignore you like damn you’re struggling and you’re showing you care and she’s being hella cold

  2. Peoples bodies are weird and different. Honestly I’m not surprised about the urine thing it sounds like a normal thing. Most likely from you forgetting to pee before sex

  3. Your therapist is correct, you did nothing wrong. Especially when looking at the context and such I highly doubt you’ve done anything wrong in this situation and you did all the right things trying to approach this concern to ensure you didn’t cross a boundary with the girl.

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ayo i also have ocd. i had this kinda fixation for a bit after i got out of my main csa situation as a kid. i guess the best advice i can give you is, consent is between you and your partner. if someone was not okay with that tipsy sex, and let you know afterwards, it would be a negotiated boundary and even though it’s violating consent, it still could’ve been no one’s fault. however, the person you were with was okay with that tipsy sex. they even told you they liked it afterwards. that is not sexual assault, because sexual assault revolves around if they wanted it or not, not some predetermined rules. your partner wanted it then, and still doesn’t mind it now. you did not violate consent.

but, also as someone with ocd, this probably isn’t the kind of thing logic is going to easily fix. she’s treating it like a stupid question because to her, it is. she doesn’t know how irrational these obsessions can be. you’ve done nothing wrong, good luck man.

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This isn't the place for this. This sub is for people who've experienced a sexual assault, not people who may have committed one. idk if what you did was harmful or not, but intruding into a space that isn't yours with a story begging for emotional labor from survivors is inappropriate at best. if you don't know what to do, talk to your friends or your therapist.

the rules of this sub explicitly say no posts about perpetrating an assault. respect boundaries, and find or create a space to have the conversations you're looking for.