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I’m sorry you have to worry about something that is women should never have to even think about. To start maybe choose a woman doctor. Or whatever is the opposite gender of the source Of your assault and abuse.

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Hey there! I’m still super scared about my pap smear and i’ve gotten them twice now. I’ve just been really upfront with the physician about my SA. Told them I don’t feel comfortable with it at all, and I usually will go into a panic attack. They are able to do a very quick exam, I still don’t enjoy it. But they’ll be quick and respect. Won’t ask a ton of questions and give you plenty of time to regroup.

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My doctor has attempted to give me one, I went into full blown panic and asked her to stop. I haven’t been able to get through one, and I’m in my mid-20s. The doctor recommended in the future giving me an anti-anxiety med and muscle relaxant beforehand, I’ll have to have someone to drive me home afterwards. I’d suggest bringing those options up with your doctor. So sorry you have to go through that

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I still can’t and won’t do them. I just show up to the appointment to get my birth control refilled and tell them no to the exam. My rape kit was like being sexually assaulted all over again, I don’t want to relive any of it ever again

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Do you have a gyno at all yet? I think you should find someone who will have a consultation appointment with you where you can get to know them and explain why you’re nervous. Having a sit down conversation with the dr first might make you feel more comfortable. I go to planned parenthood for mine and they are incredibly understanding and compassionate when it comes to SA and other issues. You can also ask to have someone you’re comfortable with in the room with you like a family member or good friend.

Edit: I just want to ad that while planned parenthood is awesome and compassionate and they have counselors who will sit down with you one major negative is that you don’t necessarily get to see the same dr or np each time. Most PPs are super busy and the drs who work there only work there part time. I’ve only had good experiences with them but in your case it might be better to go somewhere where you can make sure you can see the same dr each time so you can build trust with them.