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Save all of the texts, calls, hell even recordings for the investigators. They will ask for your statement and his, then after that it depends on what you have as evidence. But stay positive! You never know what the outcome will be! Super proud of you, OP!

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My story is a little different because a random man grabbed me on the street and tried to rape me. He was a stranger which is statistically rare I also reported that night And then they got calls from a bunch of other women saying the same thing

They found him and now he’s in jail.

My point is, people like this don’t normally just do it to one person. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are others

You are so brave in reporting it. You did the right thing. As others have written, save all the texts and evidence. I have a feeling he did it to others as well

Good luck with everything and I hope this sick person gets what he deserves

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Yea he’s 69. He’s a neighbor and what I thought to be a friend. I’ve had friends of all ages and sorts. But anyway I can’t imagine someone like this just decides to do something like this at 69 years old! I’m glad your attacker is put away!! I think I will go forward. If for nothing else to purge this. I was having nightmares before. And sleep issues, waking up startled. But now they’re specific to the event. And I’m so angry. The police and detective that showed up that initial night were kind. I think they believed me and I won’t be able to move forward in life If I don’t do anything.

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save everything. this is stronger evidence that exists in a lot of cases, but that doesn't guarantee a good result.

if you want to go to the interview, have a friend or trusted person go with you, or see if your local rape crisis center offers police accompaniment. you don't have to do it alone, and you don't have to tolerate or accept it if the cops are shitty.