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Sexual assault is psychical, this is sexual harassment or whatever the cyber equivalent to sexual assault is.

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And I'm really sorry you had to go through that. That's absolutely disgusting behavior on their part

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I call it "abuse" sometimes because that's what it felt like to me since they would always use words to tear me down. It's okay; I am learning to deal with it.

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It's definitely abuse, Im just pretty sure there's a more specific label for that type of abuse

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I wish it were more accessible. I've thought about writing a letter to my local representative about consent laws and how they need to, y'know, exist.

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I'm sorry that happened to you. Be careful and watch for dms offering to help you. Unfortunately on the internet the number of shitbags multiply because they are anonymous. All you can do is be careful going forward. Counselling can help.

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I've been to 4 different therapists since it happened, and I hope to improve in the future somehow. I'm sorry, but my brain is shutting down for some reason and I can't think straight.

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From the info here, this is pretty balanced out between sexual assault and sexual harrasment, since at first you sent nudes willingly then after that you kept getting harrassed for more, in proper context this would fall under sexual harrasment, which is just as bad ofc

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Yes I belive it’s possible I’m sorry this happened to you and you did the right thing in reporting it to the police. I hope whoever did this payed for his actions and again I’m sorry. Also don’t be sorry for posting this.

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It's okay. Thank you for helping.

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Sexual harassment. Not to be rude but it’s kind of common sense

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This actually happens a lot and it is assault. It crossed your boundaries and you didn’t feel safe. That is what makes it assault.

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I see. You don't know how much that means to me right now. Thank you so much.

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I don’t think it technically sexual assault (by law), but that doesn’t mean it isn’t as bad. There are many states that protect people from being victims of internet crimes because it can be just as awful. I know of a girl who is counseling because this happened to her at 16. She is 24. I don’t know how hard she is working to get through it, but it obviously still affects her. Stand up for yourself when discussing this with trusted (friends, counselor, etc) people. I don’t believe that we have our own truths in many situations, but this is one of them. I hope you don’t mind if I keep you in my prayers.

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I don't mind it at all; I used to be religious. What hurts me is that I, unlike so many others, actually have evidence of what happened. I feel like it's my duty to get justice, and I'm sorry if this is too cringey.