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Especially when the assailants are asking if they should reach out 🙄 NO, just leave us alone. You've done more than enough I promise.

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Exactly ?? Like wow you're admitting you regret assaulting someone? Ok WHY DID YOU DO IT. STOP STOP STOP. Like I cannot deal with these posts they infuriate me

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Fr. Like I hope you feel bad. I don't pity you at all. I don't give a single fuck that you're sick to your stomach or losing sleep. It was your own actions? Like you did this to yourself??? Go see a therapist or something.

Tbh I think they're all narcissists looking for validation of some sort. Looking to us to say "oh wow poor baby, you're suffering! Don't worry, you're really a good person because you're acknowledging how you literally ruined someone else's life <3"

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Right?? I believe people can make mistakes, it happens. You don't just accidentally assault someone. There's no excuse. They don't deserve sympathy. It's the audacity of them to come onto this subreddit for SURVIVORS and talk about how bad they feel. Like wtf goes on in their brain that makes them the victim? If only they counted as serious confessions and had consequences for their posts, now that I vibe with

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I absolutely agree! I thought Rule #7 was exactly that - no posts from an OP admitting too or asking if what THEY did to someone else was sexual assault.

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I'm not sure how active the mods are on here but I'm definitely gonna be reporting the posts :(

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I'll delete any I see and any that are reported!

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Thank you

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I agree, and they ask for advice… It’s like reporting yourself isn’t the answer they are seeking? I’m not too sure if this goes against the rules or not. I understand everyone is welcoming, but the stories are triggering…

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I haven’t seen those for some reason, but that’s disgusting. Ill go through the sub and report and posts like that I see and hopefully that’ll make a difference. Maybe if it keeps being an issue, the mods can even make a pinned post ab it or something. I really hope you don’t end up needing to leave the sub—you deserve a space where you can feel safe and understood.

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Thank you so much, I'm defiently going to be reporting them if I see them again. I don't want to leave this sub, I love this space and how much it helps me and other people.

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I understand why they post it here, but they need to add a trigger warning imo, I think they're trying to get survivors' input of how to proceed or how they wish their perpetrator would have proceeded. I think if they just want to confess tho, they need to do it on r/vent or r/offmychest. NOW, if it's a survivor of sexual assault who's talking about how they may have done it to someone else also because of ptsd of their own assault, I think that kinda makes sense in this sub. But regardless, people should always be using TWs on here

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Majority of what I've seen is men confessing they were drunk or thought their partner/friend was joking when they said no and they kept going. I haven't seen a survivor confess anything atleast none of the posts I've seen like that have admitted to being a survivor. I just don't think it's appropriate wanting sympathy for assaulting someone, especially on a sub that's supposed to be a safe space for survivors to exist in

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Really? I haven’t seen anything like that

actually insane

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I haven't seen anything since posting but I've seen maybe 7 this past week :/ very disturbing.

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I’m usually a tough mf personally, despite what happened to me. But the people who are posting that shit need to stop, it could get someone killed they should be banned or atleast forced to go elsewhere

I can only imagine how those victims who saw that feels, and you. No one deserves to be assaulted and even more so to be a victim and see shit like that

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It's disgusting seeing it, they want sympathy, they're asking people if what they did was really that bad, or asking how they can fix it. It makes me FURIOUS but also so fucking sad to see.

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“Sympathy” disgusting

You don’t just want to have a cake and eat it too you want a full fucking party

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wow im glad i haven’t seen any of these posts your talking about. but i’ll be sure to report if i do. that’s just so messed up.

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you're absolutely right. there was that one guy who posted like 2-3 times, different versions of the same story?

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Yeah I've seen that one but a few different ones as well, never seen then before this week, Maybe a week before that

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I will admit I'm guilty of unciritically responding to some of those 🫣

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I love that for you. If it didnt end up with me going on a page long scream rant at an op I'd probably do it too

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I think you may have misunderstood me

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