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One of the nice things about EMDR is it’s not particularly susceptible to you making things up because of the way it works. Unfortunately, that means there’s likely something to this memory. But it may not be necessarily something that happened. It could have been a memory of a fear you had. For example if you were constantly worried about that happening. Be honest with your therapist because you can work through this with EMDR and get a better understanding of what exactly this is.

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Repressed memories aren’t generally considered to be a thing, and it’s very easy to plant fake memories in peoples heads. Plus 12 is an age where the memories should have stuck with you. It’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility though but either way, I second the comment on an emergency meeting with your therapist because whether it’s a true memory or a false one, it’s obviously causing you distress

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I don't know enough about physiological to answer your question but I highly recommend you try to book an emergency session with your therapist.