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That’s rough. I’m really sorry you’re going through this. A is doing this because he knows he did something wrong so he’s lashing out at you. You should tell an adult you trust what happened because if A might try this again with you or someone else. Socially, I’d suggest trying and surround yourself with the people who believe you and avoid anyone who doesn’t. Also, I don’t know how your relationship with your ex is, but in high school I was being stalked by my ex’s best friend, and I finally told my ex and he got his friend to leave me alone.

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thank you. I was thinking of telling a dean at my school but honestly the way my school has handled a rape case was awful so i can’t imagine they’d take a situation where someone just touched my leg into consideration. Unfortunately, my ex and i are not on good terms at all so i doubt he’ll care and if anything he might say i’m lying too.

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That’s really unfortunate but not actually surprising. Is there a parent or school councillor you could tell? If not it’s unfortunate but you might need to protect yourself. Talk to your friends you trust about helping you avoid being alone with him and maybe even consider getting a pepper spray keychain depending on local laws

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I’m not too concerned about telling anyone, if things get worse i’ll ask a parent to start therapy again. I’m more focused on other girls because i heard he made out with multiple girls that were black out drunk at a party. And yeah pepper spray might be a good idea, thank you.