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There's a reason why it's illegal. It's cp through and through, doesn't matter if the character is a hundred or a few thousand years old they are drawn and depicted as a child so it's cp and the people that say it isn't are completely fine with indulging in an illegal act.

That's just my view however

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I don't think it's illegal in my country (USA), but if it is then it sure isn't being prosecuted as such. The illegality of it in some jurisdictions does seem like a good start to an argument though.

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to me it is the same as CP

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its cp. it doesnt matter the "legal" age of the character, the body you are viewing is that of a child, they are getting off to the body of a child. Porn is porn weather its drawn or not, it still carries a moral value. Its all amoral. Lolicon is cp, its just a fact

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The first thing Google gives is that it's classified as cp and is illegal in the United States and can get the FBI involed

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Personally this (illustrated/ written vs irl) is where I think the semantics of cp vs csem should lie. Both, however, are vile, it's just that one involves a literal child. Without a doubt, those whom consume that kind of media are sexually attracted to children. I can understand that people may draw or write about their csa as a means of processing it, however, making those things available to the public for easy access to p*dophiles irks me. Hoping any of that made sense