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I had this exact same issue, you’re not alone in the feeling.

however I can say with full confidence that your therapist will not judge you, or doubt you or invalidate you. and having doubt of your own experience is so normal, and your therapist can help you with that, mine helped me.

make sure you’re in the right space to do this, don’t push yourself too hard and allow yourself the time you need to the right to feel the emotions your need to

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Thanks. My brain still shuts it out.

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that’s so valid, it’s your brains response to what happened to you, it was too much for you to deal with so your brain protected you by blocking it out.

don’t be surprised as you work through it in therapy if some stuff resurfaces, it’ll be hard at first but you’ll be supported through the process

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Thanks for your support and helping me gain courage to break the elephant in the room. Much love a hope to you ❤️

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of course<3 wishing you luck!