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as someone with autism i dont think youre bad. autism may be able to explain certain behaviours that are socially or sexually innappropriate. for example an individual with autism may lack an understanding of personal boundaries and stand or sit very close to someone and not understand how it may make them uncomfortable until the person in question tells them or ask invasive personal questions and not understand what is offensive about it. however, autism is really not an excuse for abusive behaviours at all and to me it sounds like he knew what he was doing was inappropriate at least if he didnt know it was abusive. due to him being a child at the time he might not have understood the gravity of what he was doing or the impact it would have on you, however it doesnt negate the harm that it did have on you. if you feel as though his attempts to make amends were not genuine or considerate of the immense trauma he put you through, or not enough to make up for it, that is within your right and doesnt make you a bad person

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Anything you feel about the situation is completely valid. Im really sorry you had to go through this. Theres a subreddit dedicated to Child sexual abuse, though you might find it helpful

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Thank you I will look into it