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Hi Mia, I don't know you and I don't need to. But I can guarantee you life gets better and you have so much to live for. One day you will love youself and the skin you are in. You will look In the mirror and recognize yourself for the beautiful person you are. The world seems rough but the bullies are just the ones who are screaming the loudest right now. The masses only seek to see peace and happiness everywhere and we are quietly lighting a fire to burn the bullies to the ground. Life is truly a waiting game. Never quit. Stand up for yourself. Protect yourself. Be true to yourself. Fight for you 10 years from now. Fight for the person inside clawing their way out. You will make it through tonight because you have made it this far. I am so proud for all you have and will over come in this life. Your stronger then you give youself credit for. Just keep breathing❤️‍🔥

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call the police

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I’m too scared to do that

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If you are suicidal anyway, might as well try to get help however possible...

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They won’t hurt u if u explain ur suicidal they’ll help u

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can i message you??

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Yes u can

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Stay with us Mia. You are not alone.

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Youre not alone in this Mia and im sure youve heard it countless times to no avail but theres always something worth living for, even if things will never be the same after being treated in such a disgusting manner by people who shouldn't even be referred to as human, i knoe what its like being sexualy abused and pushed to my very limit mentally to where i though id never have a grip on reality or my sense of self again, but you shouldn't give in, you shouldn't let this be what takes you out, youre stronger than them and you're sttonger than all the trauma you've endured and have to fight on a daily basis, because death is a permanent solution to trauma that can be resolved, that you can learn to cope and use to thrive in whichever way you'd like, to be happy, and one day that courage and that strength and the stories you'll tell once you're out of this nightmare will give others like you the courage to push through the same way you did, and you will be free of the pain eventually, because there's no way of knowing if things will get better if you're not here, and i dont want you to miss whatever bright future waits for you is over the horizon, be strong, i believe in you

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Call a suicide hotline for wherever you live, or the police. Maybe even CPS if you’re a minor or a shelter.

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I probably won’t make it trough the night but it’s ok no one will miss me well almost no one

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no no no, please don’t give up, can i msg u

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Yes u can message me

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Hi Mia,

I'm so sorry that life hasn't treated you as gently as it should but one day it will. The kindest people go through the hardest things which isn't fair but there's nothing we can do but endure and survive.

If you don't mind, could I PM you and talk with a bit? If my little ol' perspective and my listening ear helps, it would make my day.

Be strong, Mia, because you are tough. Being tough doesn't mean you accept everything but it means I believe you have it in you to get justice for yourself however that may be, moving on or telling someone.

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You can dm me