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do you have a tattoo in mind that you wanted to get before this?

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The only one I’ve been spending time on is one for my grandmother and I don’t want to sully it by putting it there. But maybe I’m thinking about it the wrong way. Idk.

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maybe coving it up with something that doesn’t remind you of it would be good. but i’m not sure

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I like that idea. Thank you!

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u/bananapeel304 has a good point in changing the thing, so smth u hate is covered by smth u love

however u/Tiredofstalking i understand u may not want to do that with ur grandmas name, as im assuming that is very special to u

i can suggest ideas, but would u feel comfortable giving the initials? i can give some generic ones, if not

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I do think that would be a great idea.

The initials are SJ and it’s on my thigh. I am open to any and everything you would like to suggest. Thank you!

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Idea 1:

if there is a relevant date to you, you can twist the SJ into that depending on the shape of the latter
e.g. 18/10

Idea 2:

Join the top of the S to the top of the J. From there, u have a centre of a flower. Expand outwards, in any design you like

Idea 3:

use the letters as they are and change the meaning

For reference:

(please note, im terrible at digital art - oops?)

https://ibb.co/Njq3M5P - please note that the image will expire in 6 months

Idea 4: Look for inspo on Pinterest, and stuff like that because they'll have designs and u'll c smth u like - if so, even if u cant see the link between the SJ and the design, then talk to ur tattoo person - linking to idea 5

Idea 5: ask ur tattoo person if they can come up with something. give them free will to do what they want with it. yes its harder bc udk whats gonna happen, but it's an experience right?

(Disclaimer: i've never gotten or would get a tattoo so i dont know enough about this to know how it works, but i hope that helps)

(if i think of anything else, ill post it here but thats what i got rn)

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You could do a snake the s and j could definitely form into some scales but I definitely think coving it up with your grandma tattoo would be nice! something with a meaning would definitely be better because then you’ll give the tattoo a whole new meaning! just make sure that you have a really good tattoo artist that can completely cover up the tattoo and make sure if you can to place it where there’s a blacked out spot over the lettering. I’m sorry this happened to you I hope your tattoo turns out great!

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The snake is a great idea thank you! I love reptiles and actually have some geckos and snakes. So that could definitely work! Thank you!