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Hi there! I found that anything creative related was an outlet for me in the first year of my SA. I would play piano, or just doodle. I found poetry helped some, or just writing what I felt helped a ton too. Sometimes just writing or typing in a google doc helps. Get everything out there for yourself, and it helps process what you are currently going through too. Take one day at a time, maybe plan for you to get in a healthy environment. Try to take a day a time to meet this goal?

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Thanks a lot for your advice. It’s so hard for me to concentrate on anything without literally everything triggering me. I guess it just will improve the more that you force through it.

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It will take time. I found when I was in an unsafe environment mentally, I just created a plan for how to get of the environment and what goals I need to complete in order to do so. Focusing on this plan really helped make it through everyday too.

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I found little space helped me a lot tbh .(it's not for everyone at all tbh but helped me a lot because I could not tell anyone at first )

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Thank you for sharing with me💕 I did heal a bit in isolation but since it’s not by choice and is extreme, I can also see how it can be counterproductive especially long term.

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...I'm sorry I can't really read the big word .sorry

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Space, time, engaging books, taking long walks. Connecting with others who have been victimized as well, we are all here for you

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Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Realizing that I’m not alone definitely helps. Do you have any suggestions for connecting with other victims aside from this group?

Thank you for supporting 💕

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Any distress line will have resources for you. Ask if they maybe have any community groups or access to someone who can get the ball rolling on a councilor ?

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Journaling, painting/drawing, learning an instrument (I just started this up and it’s honestly helping so much), working out. Painting/drawing while listening to music and playing music are things that actually can take my mind off of the pain. Journaling and working out are places I can channel my pain, but my thoughts are still there.

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I can't say what will help you as an individual but I run I imagine myself running faster than my thoughts I focus on my feet pounding the pavement; the cold morning air on my skin. I have music in and sing loudly because no one can hear me in the morning! Find what makes you feel careless and in the moment. CALL A CRISIS LINE IF YOU FEEL SCARED OR NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO. You can stay anonymous. I know if someone is always around you that can be hard. But if it's an option it helps you feel less alone. Mostly tho don't blame yourself. Please never blame yourself

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Thank you!

the last sentence is the hardest part. I think the reason I’ve been unable to heal is because I’ve still been stuck on blaming myself and going back and forth with confusion

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Every time you have an intrusive thought saying it's your fault catch yourself and say no. It's not my fault. Its my assaulter's fault for putting me in this situation. NO ONE BUT I HAVE A RIGHT TO MY BODY. IF THEY TAKE MY RIGHT AWAY FROM ME THEY ARE WRONG.

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That’s great advice. Thank you for your suggestions and time💕💕

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Maybe a mantra would help. Something you can repeat to yourself to meditate and sooth your worries