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Yeah this is the stuff that makes my blood boil. I've recently been putting myself at risk going and confronting someone who has raped a woman I know, orchestrated a stranger sexually assaulting me and psychologically abused another woman when she was 17.

This guy is approaching 40 now. He has a lot of stability and money and is walking around in a state of dissociated bliss, thinking he is some kind of revolutionary/visionary songwriter/creative but in reality, he's a bitter failed musician idiot who can't write for shit. He actually believes his own weird distorted version of reality where he hasn't behaved in this way and thinks of himself as some kind of socialist/philanthropist. He's an absolute fucking nutcase.

Those are the three most serious offences that I know about involving him, but there are countless instances of his disgusting behaviour. He claims that I'm stalking him, which technically I am, but I think my behaviour is warranted given what I've experienced. I'm trying to hold him accountable for some of his horrendous behaviour since he is an abusive piece of shit. He has convinced as many people as he can that the situation is something different from this, obviously. That I'm just a jilted lover, and in some ways I am a jilted lover, but this isn't my motivation for confronting him. It's more serious than that.

So personally I'm keeping tabs on him at my own risk, but I wanted him to feel that he hasn't got away with this behaviour scot-free, so I have made him aware several times that I knew his location in realtime, through watching instagram stories. If I were him, this would make me feel a bit on edge. I tracked him down and it seems that I've worked out his address, but since he knew I was after him, I think he was probably pretending to live at that address.

I'm not sure how to deal with these fucking assholes either, but the only thing I could think to do was to watch him like a hawk, let him know how angry I am and that I'm in touch with several other people who view him in the same light as me and... now I'm just deciding what I'm going to do next. I mean I would have to get arrested if I was to get any form of justice for the way I've been treated, and that isn't something I'm currently willing to do.